Prez Trump Kills Missouri Clean Power Plan

A look at opposition not only from environmentalists but also politicos who fear the impact on local air quality. Checkit:

Trump's plans to eliminate carbon rule receives mixed support in Missouri

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order today that would relieve coal-dependent states such as Missouri from having to comply with strict carbon emissions limits. The plan to eliminate the Clean Power Plan was announced earlier this week by Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt.


  1. Fuck yes!!! Let's choke the air with poison and pollute the environment. Go Trump go!!!

  2. Poor hallucinating snowflake.

  3. ^^^Your mother was poor. She was hallucinating on some bad snow.

  4. Byron Funkhouser3/28/17, 10:23 AM

    The real reason conservatives don't 'believe' we're responsible for the recent climate change: It's too expensive to do anything about. It's more important that coal miners have jobs than it is too explain to coal miners that they need to find another line of work.

  5. Byron,you shouldn't talk about things you know nothing about.

  6. ^^^And you shouldn't post on blogs because you don't have anything to say or seem to be of any value whatsoever.

  7. ^^^Says the dolt that does the same thing

  8. ^^^Says the dolt that does the same thing. (see what I'm doing there?)

  9. Jackal Da Nuckear Fart Ripper3/28/17, 2:25 PM

    What is a fact is if we stopped human pollution tomorrow the earth would still be doomed. It is too late to make a real difference. Fuck libtards and millennials lets gas and choke their asses to death and check out with a quality of life that raises above the survivor contestants. I wasn't up last night worrying about the extinct dinosaurs and cave men and I could give a shit if some bastard kid chokes out in a hundred years. Fuck 'em. Its the survival of the fittest. Damn cry babies are still driving their cars aren't they? Oh but but but but but.....

  10. Hey Byron, let me interrupt your Urban Legends with some Facts:

    - China is the world's largest producer of CO2. They produce 60-70% more CO2 than the U.S.

    - 66% of China's CO2 emissions are from coal, versus only 31% in the U.S.

    So Byron, when are you going to lead the charge against the world's biggest polluters, the Chinese?


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