New York Times Editorial Board Pens Gov. Brownback 'Arrivederci, Kansas' Screed

Scathing parting shot hits home from the nation's paper of record . . .

It seems unfair that Mr. Brownback might abandon the mess he created, especially since Mr. Trump never ceases to renounce life’s “losers.”

Sent by some of the best and brightest reader of this block . . . Checkit:

Rome Is Looking Better From Topeka

Kansas can only hope that reports are true that the Trump administration will let its governor, Sam Brownback, escape the disaster he created in Topeka for a quieter United Nations agricultural post in Rome. And global humanity can only hope for the best.


  1. Fuck the New York Times and Fuck the enemy of the American people, THE MSM.

  2. I say FUCK Scammy Brokedick. I hope Trump does Kansas a favor and gets him out of here.

  3. LOL!

    Democrat MSM blames "deficient reading test scores of nearly half of African-American students" on... wait for it ...

    Brownback, - and the Republicans!


    Too funny!

  4. 1:59, does the NYT have any remarks about the very similar racial and ethnic gap in the poorly performing NYC public schools? The city's mayor and the state's governor are left wing Democrats, so they will probably figure out a way to blame that on Trump. The NYT (aka The Kansas City Star Sr.) lately has been out-Onioning The Onion.

  5. Fuck the stupid people in the heartland who continue to vote garbage like Scamin' Sammy into office. They are such rubes to believe anything he says Fuck the enemy of the American people, the GOP.

  6. And yet business is booming in Kansas and property values are skyrocketing.

    1. Not in Topeka property values have dropped the last 4 years.

  7. The NY Times is always right. Jayson Blair would agree.

  8. 6:45PM where do you live? Kansas is broke-ass. No highway jobs because the money is gone and the crews have departed to other states that didn't fuck up their budgets. The state budge has a multi million dollar budget gap. School funding is inadequate, social programs are broke. Every company worth a shit has already moved to the Missouri side, but keep drinking the kool-aid. The GOP is banking on it.

  9. The New York Times is the official agency designated to review policy in the State of Kansas, trust me. It is in the Quran.

  10. ^^^No like the rest of us, the New York Times is free to mock Kansas at will. Free your mind from GOP group think.


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