MUST SEE: Kansas City Skater Documentary

History of an enduring cultural phenomena that not only inspired a multi-BILLION dollar industry but also maintains street level enthusiasm. Take a look:

New Documentary Captures A Time When 'The Kids Went Crazy' Skateboarding In Kansas City

Start at Barney Allis Plaza. Then the slabs at Gillham Park Pool. Finish at the stairs in front of the abandoned Westport Middle School. The Line, Richie Wolfe 's documentary about the history of skateboarding in Kansas City, is as much a love letter to the city and its iconic skateboarding spots as a record of the highs and lows of skateboarding industries and subcultures in the region.


  1. Be glad when funding for public radio and tv is cut.

  2. Skater videos are cool. I don't want them taking away money from the government though.


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