More Kansas Medicaid After TrumpCare FAIL

With the first big promise from the Prez now up the GOP undercutting the news boss just as we predicted . . . Here's a peek at Red State Republicans beefing up the social safety net for their many sick constituents who gladly go along with TV pundit hype until their health or the health of their loved ones is in question. Take a look:

Kansas Senate votes to expand Medicaid

The Kansas Senate approved Medicaid expansion on Monday, days after Congress abandoned legislation that would have blocked states from expanding the program. The failure of the federal effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act hung over the debate. Senators voted 25-13 to give early approval to expansion, with a final vote possible Tuesday.


  1. And Brownback will promptly veto it.
    End of story.

  2. Yep, like the good Catholic he is. Screw the sick & the elderly baby. I'm tired of having my taxes support shit like this. As a conservative I am against medicaid, Obamacare, welfare, food stamps, meals on wheels, the arts, education, hospitals, roads and everything else you greedy sad-sack demmocrims support. Fuckin libtards! Get a job! I want my taxes to build that wall, go to defense contractors and corporate welfare. Trump baby!

  3. You're on a roll, Byron.

  4. I'm a conservative, but think Missouri's failure to expand Medicare has been a farce. When you have operations like Truman Medical Center that begs for blacks to come to the emergency room, gives them care and then passes the unpaid bills on to the State and consumers the State is absurd to think we are saving a dime while allowing this subterfuge to continue. As long as there is a Federal mandate that makes it a crime for hospitals to turn non-payers away the tax payers are screwed. At least with expanded Medicaid the Feds get a taste of what they have mandated. The few states that have been hold outs are actually footing the whole damn bill and that means you and me are financing. I wonder what they did without entitlements back in 1776.


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