Missouri AG Hawley Fights Against Government Environmental Rules & Regs

Credit where it's due . . . The Pitch had a much better write-up on this topic at the outset of the month:

Pitch: Josh Hawley mines a lie for the coal industry

And here's the newspaper attempting to make an even more pronounced partisan talking point:

Missouri's attorney general sues Trump to help Trump

Attorney General Josh Hawley has a plan for helping President Donald Trump. He's going to sue him. A lot. It was a pledge Hawley, a Republican from Columbia, made the centerpiece of his successful campaign last year when he vowed to go to court any time he felt the federal government overstepped its authority.


  1. doesn't everyone want polluted water and no protection for consumers?

  2. I don't understand the republicans zeal to strip away consumer protections, environmental protections and health and wellness protections.

  3. Yeah, the republicans really want to take us back to Dickens' London of the early 1800's. They want the environment to become like Chernobyl. They want all our cars to become Corvairs.


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