Mayor Sly James Rages Against Kansas City Urban Core Development Incentive Tax

Conservative Jack Cashill takes apart Mayor Sly on the hypocrisy of his stance against a competing tax doesn't provide voters with a lot of information but hasn't been as deceptive as GO BOND campaigning. Take a look:

Sly James: Nix on Quick Prospect Tax Fix

"I can't support a tax I have zero idea what it's going to be used for and controlled by zero people that I don't know who are going to be," said Mayor Sly James of a proposed 1/8 cent city-wide sales tax slated to be used to redevelop Kansas City's long troubled Prospect Avenue.


  1. "Conservative Jack Cashill"? So, since you specifically called out that he's a conservative, does that mean we can then assume everyone else is liberal?

  2. It is amazing what taxpayer money is spent on vs not spent on. $41.6 million a year subsidizes Viagra. How stupid is that? If pregnancy is God's will, so is limp dick.

  3. Boy is S'lie James ever the pot calling the kettle black. May be the biggest hippo-crit in modern history. His taxes into unknown black holes are ok. But since this one isn't for one of his pet projects he has a problem with it. We're supposed to blindly give him $800 million dollars (which will likely really be WELL over $1 billion when it's all said and done) and not ask questions as to where it's going or who is controlling it. But when the same thing happens for Prospect, he's ready to pitch a fit. Both taxes should be voted against because the city is over taxed as it is.

  4. The problem that Sly and the gang have with this one-eighth cent tax is it's on the same ballot with their $800 million bond issue, which is split into three different votes, and NOBODY is going to vote for ALL these tax increases, but lots of people will vote AGAINST ALL of them.
    And if this money were spent on the east side, down Prospect or any other street, it's not hard to figure out who would be at the trough and how hard it would be to identify what the taxpayers got for their money after it was all gone.
    Start by identifying who gathered the signatures and put it on the ballot.
    Then look at the cost overruns for East Patrol.
    And the Citadel Project.
    And the $1 million Tracy Avenue remodel of just TWO houses.
    Or 18th and Vine.
    The pot and kettle observation is right on the money.
    No accountability from anyone.

  5. Sly won't be able to control how this money is spent and neither will any of the rest of the COUNCIL. A committee will decide. Whose going to be on the committee? Well who put the game together?


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