Kansas Supreme Court Baby Killing Debate

A discussion that MSM attempts often attempts to keep quiet, here's an alternative perspective on the "legal right" of women to commit infanticide with the help of a few butcher doctors. Checkit:

Kansas Supreme Court hears arguments in case challenging ban on dismemberment abortions

The Kansas Supreme Court has started hearing the arguments in a lawsuit challenging the state's law prohibiting dismemberment abortions.


  1. Hi everyone, it's chuck. I just want to warn you that I will probably post some very hateful things on this post so I just wanted to give you a head's up. I'll also post a couple of posts after my initial one and those will say something like HA HA HA I love it! or LOL or your right. I just want to apologize upfront.

  2. Suck the fascist Stalker, "impersonating" Chuck for the thousandth time. Yawn.

  3. The unborn baby is not the woman's body.

  4. The woman is the host, the fetus is the parasite

  5. The woman is the welfare parasite, the fetus is the byproduct.


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