Kansas City Tuesday Irish News Link Look

St. Paddy's Day approaches and hottie Kayla inspires to push forward with this 5 o'clock summary of the some of the more useful Kansas City links today. Take a peek:

Kansas City Infrastructure Busted Again
Massive water main break sends water shooting into the sky near North Oak and Barry Road
Local Politico TrumpCare Survey
New Health Care Bill: Where Do Kansas And Missouri Members Of Congress Stand?
Stranded In Kansas City
Northeastern snowstorms impact Kansas City's airport as airlines cancel thousands of flights
Show-Me Coach Big Bucks
Mizzou paying firm $80,000 for basketball coaching search
Old School Sounds Near Hobo Hangout
Bluegrass in the Bottoms, a new Kansas City fest, debuts this spring
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


  1. Tony B Action News!

  2. Please refrain from reading this blog if you don't have a sense of humor and a good looking mother.

  3. For the female audience of this blog: get in the kitchen, get my dinner ready and put on those short shorts that I like. Burp.

  4. I'd like to live on Butt Hole Road in the West Side. Before the developers move in.

  5. What ever happened to all the stupid jokes about local folks and a wide array of dick, fart and feminine hygiene references we were promised?

  6. Keep the Jack the Ripper thing buzzin and that retirement portfolio will get fat T.


    When Kayla kissed me Blarney Stones, me darn shillelagh sprang to life, so I gave her a good Paddy whacking!!!


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