Kansas City Tiny House For Veterans Update

Credit where it's due . . . Check this important follow-up on a trendsetting local effort now hitting roadblocks amid some challenges to these smaller expectations for life after U.S. military service:

Tiny houses for veterans: Upstart project moves ahead, ruffling some in old guard

Thursday marks the grand opening of a "Veterans Outreach Center" adjacent to a swath of undeveloped land at Troost Avenue and 89th Street. That property is where a battalion of determined men and women have mapped out a tiny-house neighborhood for veterans.


  1. I'm all for tiny houses for our vets. But good Lord at 89th and Troost?

  2. If these vets didn't have PTSD before, they will after moving in there.

  3. Note that all the Vets deserve...after all, they signed up to kill on government orders...is a TINY HOUSE.

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  6. More personal projects ned to be started. Government is meetings and talk.

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