Kansas City Tax Fighters Look For Compromise Other Than Pricey GO BONDS For Proposed New Dog Shelter

Question 3 and the weed decriminalization question (Question 5) are the only April ballot choices that have clear grassroots support.

While tax fighters acknowledge the need, they want to develop a less expensive plan. Take a look:

Does Kansas City, MO need a totally new Animal Shelter???

Money line . . .

"What if our City Government adopted a new plan of action for Animal Control? Possibly negotiate a merger with Great Plains SPCA or Wayside Waifs. These shelters are operating without any taxpayer assistance and by all appearances know what they are doing. Both are located on rural properties with room for expansion and one currently has excess capacity. This could save the Kansas City Missouri taxpayers $14,000,000 immediately plus any cost overruns on building a new facility. It would also save the $4,000,000 - $6,000,000 annual operating expense. Sure there would be some costs in consolidation but not like the $14,000,000 - $20,000,000 in the bond proposal.

"Yes our homeless pets deserve better facilities than KC Pet Project currently has and that is not their fault. Other homeless people and groups like veterans, abused women and children, etc. also deserve better facilities than some currently have. The question is what is the most efficient, practical and economical approach to get them all better facilities? Adding to home owners property taxes debt for the next 40 years is not they way the way to do this."

Red the whole thing.

You decide . . .


  1. at least stray dogs in KCMO dont try to rape children or shoot innocent kids in drive by shootings. Lets take good care of the dogs. Cats too, they wont be hard to adopt out. Plenty of gay males in KCMO for the kitties to be picked up

  2. That new KC Star building would make a great animal shelter.

  3. I'd much rather my tax dollars support innocent animals than generations of human riffraff. Save homeless pets; euthanize riffraff!

  4. Are there any guarantees this money will actually be used to build a new animal shelter?

  5. I'd be OK with every dog in KC being killed if I could get my 1% back.

  6. I'd like to see the books of these dog-saver organizations. Back in the day you could pick up an animal already neutered for $50. Now that it is fashionable to 'save' an animal they have drastically jacked up the adoption costs.

    KC Pet Project is currently offering a 13.5 year old Pit bull mix for the low low price of $150, plus you have to buy a leash and collar from them.

    Great Plains SPCA is currently offering a 13 year old Pomeranian mix for the low low price of $150.

    Sometimes I think we are getting scammed here.

  7. Kansas City Pet Project is a licensed non-profit, their books ARE open to the general public. #googleworks

    Animals at the Kansas City Animal Shelter and others come with the following:

    *Initial Heartworm preventative ($10-$20 Value)
    *Spay/Neuter Surgery ($300-$500 Value)
    *Full Vaccinations ($100+ Value)
    *Heartworm Treatment (if needed) ($300+)Value

    $150 is a rip off!! Anarchy! Anarchy!!

    Animal shelters LOSE money on every adoption. The only way they stay in business is by kind hearted donors who see the bigger picture of animal welfare and aren't caught up in saving $50 on a family companion who enriches their lives for many, many years.

  8. Anon: 8:54

    Here is the open data for KC Pet Project -- with links to raw data and audited financials at the bottom. KC Pet Project is completely committed to transparency:


  9. Hey 8:09-1% of $1,000 is only $10.00 so thanks for doing your part! You've made a big difference.

  10. KC Pet Project deserves our thanks.......
    That said, $15M for a new facility is excessive. The fact that for that new facility we have to saddle taxpayers for decades to come with an $800M bond is more than excessive.

    1. $15 million is excessive? Would you like to price a building that includes a vet clinic suitable enough to care for 10,000 animals annually they don't have the choice of taking (open intake facility to kcmo tax payers)?

  11. My dog was a rescue dog that cost me $150. That included everything 9:44 mentioned except heartworm. (He was a puppy.) My dog developed parvo. The rescue organization paid for all his treatments and meds. That was 10 years ago, and he is well worth the $150 I paid for him.


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