Kansas City Sunday Night News Link Look

Another glimpse at our eternal tribute to angelic model hotties for Sunday night and all the important Kansas City links. Take a peek:

Kansas City Doggie Day

People, pets rally to support GO Bonds, proposed animal shelter

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Sunday, City leaders aimed to bring together the community and their pets at rally supporting Kansas City's 123 GO Bonds initiative. The rally was held Sunday afternoon at the Nichols Fountain in Mill Creek Park.

Sunday Search For More Dead People

Church members clean up Kansas City's Swope Park

Members of the World Mission Society Church of God got busy Sunday to clean up a section of Kansas City's Swope Park. Church members partnered with the Parks and Recreation Department to beautify the area near the entrance to the Swope Memorial Golf Course at the intersection of Gregory Boulevard and Swope Memorial Drive.

Kansas City Crash Report

One person sustains life-threatening injuries in crash at Paseo & 51st Street

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One person was injured in a crash Sunday afternoon. A driver reportedly lost control of a vehicle and left the roadway, entering the grassy median and striking a tree on the Paseo near 51st Street. Authorities said one person was transported to an area hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Local Bloggy Foodie Report

The Sundry To Build A New Bar in The Crossroads of Kansas City

For First Friday in April, The Sundry Market & Kitchen will welcome guests to bellying up to their brand new 35-foot dark walnut bar to order a glass of beer or wine. The new bar is the first of many...

Kansas City Faith Report . . .

Listening With Respect: Discussion Tackles Century-Old Issues

This year's 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation raises two questions, in local terms: What, after all this time, still divides Kansas City's Protestants and Catholics? What common ground is marked by the Venn circles of beliefs and practices of these two huge branches of Christianity?

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