Kansas City St. Patrick's Day Parade Prep

Website update for brave souls and clueless families . . .

The Parade starts at 11am at Linwood and Broadway and moves south to 43rd Street.

Yes, there will be a few fights, possibly a bit of gun play and parking is going to be even worse this year. However, today's festivities are more fun than anything quite lives of desperation in the suburbs can offer.

Developing . . .


  1. Parade of Idiots

  2. Alcoholics Unite! It's a Parade!

  3. ^^^

    You mock us?

  4. Kansas City Atheist Coalition will be demonstrating at Kelly's to get some publicity for their group of polyamourous cocksuckers.

  5. So they get they're drunken rocks off?

  6. Where's our wee bit o' Mick lad, Byron McFunky, today? Suppose he's fond of St. Paddy, who was a very young captured slave? Oh, right, he was born rich, a whitey, and became a devout Christian, so....

    1. Hey cocksucker. Keep the word Mick out of your stupid fucking mouth. Reply back with your info and I'll give you mine. We can discuss it then. You pussy bitch.

  7. Saint Byron is busy today, casting the Irish back to Europe.

  8. Mick, Mick, Mick, Mick

    My named is:

    Mick O'Shaunnessy
    500 Westport Road

  9. 8:55 - What, do you also trigger on kraut, wop, spic, dago, nig, spic, gook, spook, kike, limey, hoser,...?

    My name's Mick Jagger, we're Down The Road Apiece, looking for Satisfaction, from some Brown Sugar, and Angie, so Wild Horses ain't draggin' me away from this Beggar's Banquet at a Hot Stuff party by Jumpin'Jack Flash, on the Gold Coast, baby.

  10. Have a Guiness...
    ...it's good for ya!

    Guiness...it's not just for breakfast anymore!

  11. Chuck the Nazi heard from again.

  12. Chuck is too much of a pussy and a coward to respond back to 8:55PM you can bank on that. That's why his wife fucks krauts, wops, spics, dagos, nigs, and the rest.

  13. ^^Ha, 2 Suck posts. It's Suck, both posts, look at the times. Sick OCD Suck, who can't go 3 minutes without a rantoholic fix. Sick Suck, he's always here, talking about who others ought to fuck, because Suck's so yuck, he ain't getting any.


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