Kansas City Southwest High Renaissance???

One of the many KCMO recently shut down amid declining enrollment and controversy could be making a comeback. Read more:

Hundreds of local parents join movement to reopen Southwest H.S.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A push to reopen Southwest High School in Brookside has pinnacled to an official movement called 'Uniting At Southwest.' The website just launched last week. Not only do organizers feel confident due to the monetary backing from several local foundations, but there are already nearly 600 parents who have signed the survey, proclaiming they would like to see their kids join the school if it is re-opened.


  1. sure, open it, as a prison and get these criminals off the street

  2. Once the black agenda was forced to let go, I see people with influence and funding trying to reinvigorate the school. Good for them for having a fruitful plan.

  3. 6:33

    It won't work. As soon as it opens, there will be a hue and cry that there are not enough blacks there.

    Rinse, wash, repeat, thugs, drugs and the usual dysfunction.

  4. Turn it into a private school

  5. I weep when I remember what it was 50 years ago. It was one of the best high schools in the country, and the KCPS just totally fucked it up. There ought to be people in jail for what they did to this school and the children who could have attended it. Why can't we just focus on educating children, not on how many black/white kids go there? I frankly do not care, except that I want all the students to get good educations. I guess that is 1950's thinking, but is "diversity" so important that we sacrifice a three generations of children on its altar?
    I hate it that Charles Murray is right. We are coming apart. The middle class gets better, and everybody else seems to drink the koolaid of "diversity" and "tolerance". Do we really need to destroy an entire generation to prove out political correctness? Just asking.

  6. Eventually they need to just knock down all these asbestos filled white elephants and just build new schools.

    How much per year do they spend keeping these empty buildings up? are they really saving any money over just building new?

  7. And on a side note, wth is going on with the old Bryant Elementary, also located in Brookside??!


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