Kansas City Reunited: Carson And Jared Because It Feels So Good!!!

Forgive the Peaches & Herb reference but we're kind of excited about Kansas City talker Rob Carson getting back together with his producer/sidekick Jared for one of the funniest podcasts produced in the metro this year.


  1. WTF is funny about that?

    Is that Tony sitting in the background?

  2. LOL 3 views, and I am one of three idiots who looked at it.

  3. KCMO was wrong to take these to away. Now, Jared is with the biggest pussy in talk radio, Mike Ferguson and Carson is mostly inaccessible. Waste of talent.

  4. An intellectual discussion concerning the Taco Bell/Brain/Anus triumvirate which seeks to run roughshod through a GI tract near you.

    "Run For The Border" is code language for "one who gushes brown streams."

  5. 45 views lol. I'm sure most of those came from Tony linking the video too. Is the Carson podcast going to just become a repository for KC radio cast-offs? He had Darla on and now Jared?

  6. 11:22 actually Mike Ferguson headed to St Louis and Jared is collecting unemployment


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