Kansas City Real Estate Bubble Bust

Just in time for warmer weather . . . Here's an interview with a somewhat nervous real estate agent telling locals that it's always a great time to buy now that the money supply is tightening up and the Trump rally is quickly coming to a conclusion. Take a look: Fed interest rate hike expected: What it means for home sellers and buyers in Kansas City


  1. These kinds of stories are dwelling on the obvious. Rates up-mortgages cost more. Duh! Rates probably going up more-if you're in the market for a house, find one you'll stay in and lock your rates in now. Duh! Dwelling on the obvious.

  2. No no no no no people are selling their homes like crazy in this red hot KCMO market!

    It's a sellers market! Let me help you sell your home!

  3. Looks like tear down material Jim. Charge $300K for the lot fuck we walk with a easy $200K profit.

  4. Let us help you out of your home!

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    Quickly, easily, and without all the red tape of dealing with a real estate agent!

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