Kansas City Question 5 Weed Downside???

Brief spin on upcoming Kansas City marijuana reform vote that's expected to in a landslide . . . Pleading guilty to possessing a controlled substance doesn't look good on a permanent record for all the jobs that stoners aren't going to get anyhoo . . .

KC voters to decide on lighter penalties for pot, with a catch

Kansas City voters could decide next month to lower marijuana possession fines to $25 from $500 and eliminate jail time, but city officials warn the move could hit low-income defendants with unintended consequences. Nearly 70 percent of those charged in city court were black, according to a Star analysis of court data.


  1. How many of the 70% of blacks in court for weed offenses actually had a job in the first place?

  2. This poorly reasoned argument is just the City's way of trying to discourage a "yes" vote. With a $25 max fine, very few offenders will hesitate to plead guilty, pay their fine, and be on their way. The real losers will be the defense attorneys who won't get their fee and the City that will lose out on all those fines.

  3. I can't wait for someone to light up in front of a fed or undercover state trooper. I'm sure KC will let them pay their fine after they get out of jail.

  4. duh fir the win


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