Here's today's lesson in bold gestures against the decidedly anti-immigrant tenor of the new Prez Trump administration.

To wit . . .


Credit to the KCPS team member who put the notice on blast . . .

So proud of our Board-- just passed a "Safe and Welcoming Schools Resolution" that ensures ALL families are safe and welcome here!!

Here are the highlights of the resolution that starts with sanctimonious talk but then gets into real policy and procedural issues . . .

KCPS Board Of Directors Safe And Welcoming Schools Resolution

The preamble . . .

WHEREAS, Kansas City Public Schools ("KCPS") is committed to providing safe and welcoming school environments that are free from discrimination and harassment in admission or access to, or treatment or employment it, its programs services, activities, and facilities.

WHEREAS, KCPS prohibits discrimination and harassment against employees, students or others on the basis of immigration status, sex, race religion, color, national origin, acestry, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or any other factor prohibited by law or based upon a belief that such a factor exists: and

WHEREAS, the Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors (the "Board) is committed o ensuring all students are able to focus on their education, secure in the knowledge that the safety and emotional well-being of all students will be supporter regardless of immigration status, sex, race religion, color, national origin, acestry, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or any other factor prohibited by law or based upon a belief that such a factor exists: and . . .

Here's where it gets important . . .

WHEREAS, the board will not tolerate discrimination by students, teachers, or staff who may discriminate against a child or parent due to a known or conceived belief that the indidudual is undocumented: and

WHEREAS, the Board finds that federal immigration investigative and law enforcement activities at KCPS schools, on our transportation, on KCPS properties, or during school activities significantly disrupt the school environment, interrupting learning, impede the safety and security of the school environment, and infringe on students' rights to free access to public education; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, KCPS commits to lawfully protecting our students' confidential information to ensure that their learning environments are not disrupted by immigration investigative enforcement actions, including the following actions to be taken by KCPS:

- KCPS will continue its practice to NOT collect or maintain any information about our students' immigration status;

- Any request by an immigration official (a) for entry into a KCPS school or property, (b) to communicate with any KCPS student under the supervision of the KCPS or under the supervision of a KCPS Partner, or (c) for any information on students shall be immediately forwarded to the KCPS Legal Services Department:

- In response to such requests, KCPS's Legal Services Department will not share student information, gran access to KCPS Schools or property, or provide access to KCPS students, unless required to do so by law . . .

Read the whole thing . . .

You decide . . .


  1. better title: schools trump the president!

  2. What's sad is that I can already see some of the comments who are cool with targeting children and students. The people who would do that, including politicians have no class!

  3. It all looks so good on paper. Then we all start sucking each other's dicks and think we are just SO, SO, SO cool like all of the rest of the cool kids, until, it's YOUR little girl getting pulled into a stall in the men's room by two thugs and fucked up the ass.

  4. This is the beginning of the end.

  5. 1:47: Do you, ummmm, have any actual experience that would indicate this is a likely outcome of this action--or even that it is a remote possibility?

  6. These are not inteligent or law abiding folks on the SB, I expect to read and hear about crimes by the illegals, they do not care. You can just see the KCSD consisting of thugs and illegals. Zero monies to the schools that do not abide by the Laws of the land.

  7. 1:55 Yes.


    It just happened last Thursday.

  8. 1:55 - @2:24 beat me to it:

    "the appalling rape and sodomy of a 14-year old Maryland high school girl by two of her 'classmates', at least one of them an illegal alien."

    - Rockville (Maryland) High School, March 16, 2017.

  9. So, did this actually happen? It was only reported in the less-than-stellar Washington Examiner and even there as an "alleged" rape.

  10. Of course it happened. Obama personally bugged the school bathroom, so we know it's true.

  11. This Rockville MD rape was not reported in the MSM, because it would be contrary to their liberal agenda.

    Fact is these illegals come from a lawless society and then we throw them into our "sanctuary" schools and expect them to follow the rules.

    How stupid are US?
    A Muslim is a Muslim and an illegal is an illegal.
    Neither of them are compatible with our way of life.
    Figure it out DF's!

  12. Well, well, in fairness the crims in school administration harboring any "undocumenteds" should get their gay cakes ruling handed to them, too. Yeah, they can say it's about letting freedom ring, and the "nice" thing to do for immigrant kiddos in America's classrooms, but "feelings" aren't federal laws. All sanctuaried immigrants here as "illegals", shouldn't be ignored and safe-spaced away from that little inconvenient truth of law and order that already defines what "legal" status is.

    So, if all bakers, now MUST supply cake toppers that have Kenny kissing Larry and Jennie kissing Mary, then the schools' fools better get it right, also. How can a school district's shirking of ALREADY EXISTING federal laws be permitted? A baker doesn't approve of gay weddings on moral grounds, but, a recent federal mandate was passed forcing bakers to provide cakes to gays for their marriages. School staff is entitled to feel empathy for little Luis and
    gifted Gabriella, but these kiddos' families have to get LEGAL.

  13. This is great news.

    My property value drops now bc I'm in KCPS.
    What do you think gonna happen now that I have to add we are in a "Sanctuary KCPS?"

    Time to move for sure!

  14. Ok, I got a great fix. All the teacher union members can pay for their "immigrant" students' legal fees, volunteer to tutor their students' families in ESL, study with them to pass US citizenship class, take them job seeking, and mentor in whatever is needed for their "undocumented" students' families to be GREAT Americans. Hey, school staff, if not those listed acts of kindness, just take them in to "sanctuary" at your homes while they remain "safe" with you ALL DAY AND NIGHT!!!!!!!

  15. What's not often discussed is how adding illegal immigrants' kids to the public school population will further stretch already scarce resources. Adding Pablo and Jose means less money to spend on Johnny and Tyrone. If I thought the Board collectively were smarter than a box of rocks, I'd suspect this would be part of their master plan. When ESL illegals tank the test scores even farther than they already are, the School Board will complain that it's because of inadequate funding and ask (suppressing their own laughter) for lots more bux to waste.

  16. When the feds pull the funding from kcps dont come to the tax payers for funds. They created this shit pool now swim in it.

  17. I smell a RAID coming before the end of the school year.

  18. hey, your property taxes will soon be going up to pay for the bonds so why not have them go up to pay to educate these people.

    but, if you don't mind high property taxes and you want good schools and good services, you should move to kansas.

  19. Hey people: check out the document "The Elephant in the Classroom" from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). You can download the PDF from website: http://www.fairus.org/publications/the-elephant-in-the-classroom-mass-immigrations-impact-on-public-education

  20. WHEREAS This is a load of bullshit
    RESOLVED This is a bunch of bullshit

  21. the sad part is if the parents would have applied for citizenship the kids would not be put in this position

  22. 6:15PM with the win. Smartest post of the day!


  23. The public schools can try and get away with this but it won't last long. I'm sick of paying taxes for low life public schools and low life public school teachers.

    1:38 If you want to break the laws of this country then YOU get off your lazy ass and pay more money for the cause.

    Oh and for the liberals out there who are so flipping STUPID, Trumps ban on Muslims is actually the implementation of a piece of legislation called Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Act that was passed 407-19 by the house and was signed by Obama in December 2015 LONG before Trump made his comment about halting immigration refugees from radicalized areas of the middle east.

    The 7 countries were chosen by Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. When the Federal entitlements, school funds are cut, property owners get a boost in their tax bills and the boons have to start paying something for all the bastard kids they are raising we'll see how much they love illegal aliens in the KC School district. Keep up the good work (with others money) grifters.

  25. Whereas every illegal alien knew she or he was breaking U.S. law when snuck across the border: I pray for the arrest and deportation of you and your bastard children! ¡Fuera de mi paĆ­s! Get out of my country!!!

  26. Have to wonder what the Maryland girl and her parents think about lax enforcement of Immigration laws?
    Sounds like the KSPS supports the ability of immigrants to continue to violate US women and children .

  27. Let's cut the b.s, this was a political move and nothing more. The police DON'T go into schools to arrest the kids or the parents. It would be the rarest of the rare situation where ICE or the police would do such a thing.

    SO this move by these idiots on the board have proven once again why the KCPS system sucks so badly

  28. Report out today from the Justice Department: 40 percent of all federal arrests in 2016 involved illegal aliens. What a boost these dregs are to the economy, uh huh!

  29. Bravo- school board

  30. Tony's surely not falling for that baloney where "immigrant" is used where "illegal" is the accurate term, huh?

    Here's what Bannon and GREAT Americans are giving fair notice about--

    Enter this search--

    Watch 60 Minutes Season 49 Episode 26: 03-19-2017|...

    Or, enter--

    CBS News>...>60 Rewind
    How H1B visas have been abused since the beginning-CBS News

  31. Sounds like a "Blow Me Trump" resolution.

  32. I cannot wait to see just how deep the free fall will be with no federal funding, maybe just maybe this is exactly what needs to happen in order to force people to flush the toilet and get rid of this local government once and for all, You should pass the 800 million tax also! why not! the KC City Council should add a little for new cars for themselves too while theyre at it... how funny. the hispanic chamber is that strong here in kc huh?


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