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Take a look at the world according to legacy media which offers more than a few unique insights, a lot of knowledge and opinion regarding a great deal of topics already covered by social media.


"Nick Haines, Eric Wesson, Barbara Shelly, Dave Helling and Steve Kraske discuss the implications of the recent retirement announcement by Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte, the potential for Gov. Brownback leaving for a Trump appointment in Rome, the debates in the Missouri legislature over right to work, charter schools and minimum wage and the local impact of Trump's budget."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Funny that they're all talking about a story that NBC Action News broke.

    Nobody gets their information from newspapers any more

  2. Barb Shelley does not belong on this show. Nick should allow any citizen to be on, they are more informed than Barb.

  3. ^^^^^^^^ Ummmm 8:03, they let that buffoon Helling on there, so why not a clueless woman?

  4. Asking the opinions of has-beens who have been let go of what's left of the local newspaper and a couple others who are hanging on by a thread seems an odd group to look for expert insight and analysis from.
    If their investigative and reporting abilities were better, maybe the Star wouldn't be selling off its buildings and office furniture.
    What passes for local pundits never ceases to amaze.


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