Kansas City Morning Deadly Crash Aftermath

Fatality after this tragic collision that shut down the local commute earlier in the day. Check the report: Police: 1 killed in wreck on SB I-35 near downtown Kansas City


  1. MR MIZZOU STOPLIGHTS3/16/17, 11:30 AM

    Traffic crashes kill more people every year in Missouri alone than homicides in East Kansas City. Yet this blog couldn't care less about that fact instead have this pathological obsession with the homicide count and the Street Car. If you bloggers think you are so big and powerful and can affect political change (like you think you did with the water slide), prove it! Start a social media and blog campaign to have me fired from the highway department. After all, your fuel taxes are funding the mass slaughter of drivers on Missouri highways, not to mention paying the salary of a highly unpopular and controversial state employee who is a University of Missouri graduate and supporter of their corrupt sports programs.

    Show us just how influential you think you are with your blog and comments.

    You know who I am, where I work and what I do.

  2. You are one sick demented fuck MR MIZZOU STOPLIGHTS along with being a troll.


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