Kansas City Mayor Sly Editorial Response

Mainstream media proved incapable of contradicting Mayor Sly and so many of his PHONY stats that he touted this week. Here is a start to real local push back. Take a peek:

Mayor James Gets It Wrong

Kansas City Mayor James penned a guest commentary for The Kansas City Star on Wednesday. Unfortunately, it is riddled with errors and half-truths.The Mayor begins with an assessment of the problem stemming from years of previous city councils failing to spend properly on infrastructure. Then he characterizes his solution thusly:


  1. Good recap of the facts, Patrick Tuohey. I marvel at Mayor Sly James chutzpah. Faced with the City Manager calling him out for the disinformation, the lies, in the nine brochures, rather than admit he is wrong, Sly James digs in and doubles down.

    Playing poker with the public's money.


  2. Patrick Tuohey facts are right for the first year. It's like an adjustable rate for someone with bad credit. If the city has trouble making the bond payments (and they will) the homeowners rate will go up each year for 40ys.

    Plying poker with the public money is right.

  3. Mayor Sly didn't get it wrong he is lying. Lying must include INTENT and his intent is to LOOT the pockets of taxpayers.


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