Kansas City GO BOND Math Doesn't Add Up

Our favorite local think tank did a great deal of the heavy lifting on the recent newspaper story regarding the topic . . . Remember that KICK-ASS KANSAS CITY INSIDERS SHOWED UP THE MATH back in January as well . . . Take a look: Exposing the GO Bond Campaign Claims


  1. The star knows that things aren't looking good for Team Sly. They are hedging their bests. That is smart.

  2. The city is Grubering us...again.

  3. It's not hard to understand why the media has lost any relevance, authority, or credibility with the public when they "hedge their bets" about reporting on the possible outcomes of an election instead of gathering the facts and reporting them straight up.
    Horsley needs to review her notes on journalism 101.
    That is, if she actually went to J-school and got a degree.
    Just when you think the Star can't get any worse!


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