Kansas City Faith Life After Hate Crime Killing

Interview and edification on a local movement following a hate crime. Description:

Seven Days has been a gift to this community, a bit of gold drawn out of the dross of disaster. The Seven Days organization now is working with such groups as the Kansas City Interfaith Youth Alliance and others to educate the community about values that build up so they can counteract thinking and actions that destroy.

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What 'Seven Days' is doing for Kansas City: 3-27-17

This spring will mark the third annual week-long commemoration called "Seven Days," begun a year after the 2014 shootings by a neo-Nazi at Jewish establishments in the Kansas City area that killed three people, William Corporon, his grandson Reat Underwood...


  1. I doubt Bill will provide any coverage of this black on white hate crime. We have around 2 per year that even make the news.


  2. The Kansas City Atheist Coalition does not approve of a faith approach.

    Just try commenting on one of their sites and see how much abuse they throw at you!

  3. 6:47 are you one of the KCAC Clowns?

  4. Liberal Logic 101:

    White veteran shot by a black: Just happenstance.
    Indians shot by lone ignorant redneck: Caused by rising racism from republicans.

  5. why does god keep killing the little babies inside their mothers?

  6. 12:17 why do murderous mamas kill their own offspring?

    Women were given choice.

    They chose to kill 50 Million people.


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