Kansas City Election Ruckus Tonight!!!

Last top ranking local political round-table conversion before vote time. Here's the word . . .

"Mike Shanin interviews KCMO City Councilman Jermaine Reed about next week's ballot issues. Then Jason Grill, Gwen Grant, Danedri Herbert and Steve Rose discuss the recent resignation of Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte, the debate over the education funding formula in Kansas, the GOP's failure to replace the Affordable Care Act and Congressman Kevin Yoder's reaction to the bill's failure."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Mostly liberal panel tonight now that this thing is getting serious.

    Not surprising.

  2. grant is just pissed cause she not getting some of forte money

  3. The next chief is going to be much worse. The decision is critical and it will be make or break for KCMO. We need new leadership, real leadership from an outsider. Somebody who can change things around. If we hire somebody from within, we're looking at way more problems.

  4. You want a real solution?

    The north part of KC needs to fight for incorporation. The only way to fix KC is to separate. That's what generations of people from Johnson County learned the hard way.

  5. ^^^ +1 - If you included the airport as part of this, there would be nothing left in KC for the future. Their whole economy and population grown is north of the river, everything else is dying out.

  6. Grill - Seriously, why does anyone take Jason Grill seriously?! The guy is a lightweight on his best day. Shanin needs to up his game on guests here.

    Grant - Nuff said. Nuff.

    DH - Smart and solid.

    Rose - Personally don't like him, but think he's always a solid addition.

    MS - Simply the man.

  7. How does one break from KC? I'm in! 1.5 years in this "cow-town". So much waste


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