Updated statement from yesterday's criticism . . . Here's the top ranking Democratic KCMO leader letting loose on the current proposal from the White House . . .

A Plan to Make America Ache Again

Yesterday, President Donald Trump released his FY 2018 budget recommendations. Though the power to spend and appropriate lies squarely with Congress, every year the President offers a budget proposal. This year’s budget proposal left me astounded. Surely something with such blatant disregard for our most vulnerable citizens could not, should not, and will not pass in Congress.

President Trump’s cuts to several departments are simply put - harmful. This budget hurts working families, veterans, and especially low-income families and elderly citizens. Programs that our children and seniors rely on are now seen as burdensome and ineffective. How can that be?

Programs that provide affordable housing, meals for the poor, formula for infants are crucial to our community yet have been cut or fully eliminated.

I told a reporter this week, when I looked at the budget it was a “nervous break-down on paper,” and I meant every word of that. Everything that our office has been working on and pushing for was on the chopping block.

Under the President’s proposal, HUD funding will be cut by $6 billion dollars and EPA funding will be cut by 31 percent. What will happen to our environment or to the people who need housing services? For example, in Missouri, citizens in the LIHEAP, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, received over $73 million in 2016. This funding is critical to helping poor families afford heat and power to their homes. Veterans make up nearly 20 percent of all LIHEAP recipients. During the hottest and coldest months, energy bills can cost up to 30 percent of a low-income person’s monthly income. The program is continually oversubscribed, and there are about 1.3 million additional households across the country that have not received funding who are eligible for the program. But with this budget, programs like these would be entirely eliminated.
The Community Development Block Grant program would be eliminated under President Trump’s cuts. This would be detrimental to the development and infrastructure in both urban and rural areas.

President Trump’s proposal to cut education by $9 billion is extreme. Public schools will see a loss in qualified teachers and training. Students struggling for affordable college will see a $4 billion cut to Pell grants.

I want you to know, I cannot support this budget. I’ve always believed that the budget is a moral document – one that reflects our values as a nation. This budget does just the opposite. I will remain committed to making sure that working citizens and working families, low-income individuals, struggling students, veterans, and rural families are protected.

You decide . . .


  1. Ok. Here we go again
    Once again democrats think that we can't cut anything from the budget
    What's the national debt again?

  2. "working citizens and working families, low-income individuals, struggling students, veterans, and rural families are protected"

    other than "low-income individuals" i.e. welfare moochers ... ALL the other groups Democrats and Beaver could care less about... they jus' want mo' FREE STUFF for inner-city Democrats.

    psst..President Trump is increasing V A funding by 6%.

    glad Beaver is utterly inconsequential.

  3. Did Trump take out of the budget the money needed to make the SBA loan payments of deadbeat racist congressmen?

  4. Cleaver, sit down and shut up! Let the adults talk.

  5. Cleaver couldn't even run a successful car wash what does that tell ya?

  6. Struggling students.

    LMAO you mean the ones who blow their loans on spring break?

  7. I will remain committed to making sure that working citizens and working families, low-income individuals, struggling students, veterans, and rural families are protected.

    BWAA HA!

  8. The HUD cuts will interfere with with the City's political slush fund. Cleaver is protesting because this is personal to him and the financial interests of his cronies. (GDBC and HOME funds- the KC Developers winning lottery tickets (no-bid city- EDC contracts-). Let it go. Let it go!!!

  9. Cleaver and a budget? BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  11. Cleaver is the laughingstock of KC. He lied about getting spit on. He only wants to spend like he did on his car wash. He claims to be like Jesus but lives a luxury life.

    Carwash Cleaver will always be known as a deadbeat liberal spender who is a crappy businessman and only cares about spending taxpayer money and has zero plans to pay back all the money on his car wash.

    Carwash Ckeaver: A tax and spend card-carry liberal.

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  14. If Cleaver hates it, I love it. Cut the entitlements!

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  16. Cleaver you have admitted to being a liar. Shut your fat lips and enjoy the lining in your pockets you stupid thief.

    And don't forget it was Mayor Berkeley who did 47th NOT YOU stupid liar.

    There is no such street as Cleaver Blvd!

    Let the liberals fuck him, they brought him!

  17. Hi Cuck...I see you once again posted all of these comments. I thought you worked yesterday? Stupid fucking Nazi.

  18. Eliminating the HUD programs will to help to drain the swamp in KC City Hall.

  19. Poor Suck is getting upset. He's only calling people "cucks" and "nazis" so far. But just wait, Suck is just getting warmed up. Suck will be reappearing with his usual intellectually-challenged epithets in 3...2...1...

  20. Cleaver couldn't make any money with a car wash and he want to tell us how to run a government. Cleaver needs to take a few hours of rest and relaxation at a dry out camp.

  21. Stupid darkey. "Moral document" my ass. What about "thou shalt not steal," Preacher Man? Spin it however you want, but that's exactly what you did when you defaulted on your taxpayer-backed loan.


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