Kansas City Chiefs QB Crisis Continues

Credit to these fanboys for remembering the horrific football legacy of Todd Blackledge and demanding that the team redeem itself and trade up for a new quarterback . . .

The Kansas City Chiefs should trade up for a quarterback

Thirty-four years ago, the Kansas City Chiefs decided to take a chance on quarterback Todd Blackledge in the first round of the NFL draft. The pick was a complete and total bust as Blackledge never developed and two quarterbacks taken after him (Jim Kelly and Dan Marino) went on to have Hall of Fame careers.


  1. John Cheney gave Andy Reid the best advice and he took it to heart.

    Never, ever listen to the fans.

    How many chump QBs would have waltzed away rich leaving the team poor of talent listening to folks like this and Craig Glazer?

    Andy likes redemption projects like Mike Vick.

    Kaepernick may catch his fancy at a dollar store price.

  2. The only way Kaepernick is brought here is to be a tackling dummy, not to be a QB.

  3. Micheal Vick3/21/17, 4:18 PM

    Are you sure of that?

  4. Yeah Michael, I'm sure. You were a bad person who was still a good NFL quarterback. Kaepernick is bad at both.

  5. Next year is the year the Chef's will make it all the way. Don't be a fair weather fan. Get your season tickets at only a small price increase plus a parking pass price increase, concession price increases, seat licensing fee and bathroom useage fee. Next year.


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