JoCo Jealous Of Kansas City Google Fiber

Out in the stix, they're stuck with Comcast or Spectrum . . . Now, given a recent pullback . . . It seems that the outer reaches of the Golden Ghetto could have to wait quite awhile for KICK-ASS Internets service that dominates Kansas City Proper. Take a peek:

Residents question Google Fiber's future in Kansas City area after installations canceled

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When Larry Meurer first learned Google Fiber might be coming to his Olathe neighborhood, he was one of the first neighbors to sign up for the high-speed service. A former IT specialist, everything about Google Fiber appealed to him.


  1. HA HA screwed by google

  2. Eh, saw this one coming a mile away. The "need" for the ridiculously high speeds that Fiber presents is really limited. Even considering the billed "tech hub" of KCMO; those tech startups don't need higher speed service than what the existing cable/DSL infrastructure can provide. In this stix I can get 120/30 service which more than suits my needs even online backup approaching the TB range.


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