Scary deets in these court documents reveal Independence Officer Tom Wagstaff responding to a dangerous situation involving semi-automatic guns and a crew of allegedly repudiated crooks. Take a look:

Fox4: Jackson Co. prosecutor charges 4 men for home robbery, shooting of IPD officer, asks for dept support


KSHB: KC reflects on Independence officer shooting

JaxCo: Additional charges filed in Independence robbery and officer's assault

KCTV5: 4 men charged in holdup that led to Independence police officer wounded

Fox4: Neighbor’s home surveillance captures suspect getaway, shooting scene where Independence officer was hurt

Developing . . .


  1. ...and now we here that the Independence officer may have been shot by another Independence officer..... oh boy!

  2. OK, this is whats being reported on KSHB TV news this Thursday afternoon,,,

    Ummm', makes ya wonder ?????

    Wyatt told police he got in the driver's seat of the victim's car while Santiago-Torres got in the passenger seat and drove the car through the closed garage door and fled from police who had "bright white lights.”

    Police found a ""black pellet gun"" inside the victim's garage. The ""pellet gun was a black semiautomatic replica"" with a "replica suppressor" on it.

    Now keep in mind they also stole the home owners gun , and who knows if that's what was used to shoot the officer ????

    or - or - did the officer accidently somehow , well shoot himself with his own pistol ????

    The Suspects had a replica Pellet Gun , so, kinda hard for them to injure somebody to badd with a pellet gun, if it was even loaded with a pellet.

    This will be interesting to see how this plays out in the media and the public.

    Lastly, were the 2 actual suspects even in this Country Legally ???

    or are they illegals ????

    Bet Little Ol' Degenerate Criminal Coddler LIBERAL Jean Peters Baker won't discuss that situation !!

    We all know how the Democratic Commie Lib'Tards like to cater & Pander to the criminal illegals and Terrorists in this country !

    Kansas City is a "Sanctuary City" , just look at what the Degenerate Libtard Cockroaches at the KC Public Schools have been doing lately that was all over the news !

  3. Didn't know that KILLA CITY was a sanctuary City , oh well , that shit hole needs to be avoided at all times ¡! It's only gunna get worse for the crime rate of all violent criminals that the KILLA CITY welcomes and embraces . If you live anywhere in KILLA CITY , get the hell out for the safety of you and your family ¡! Chuck and out bitches¡!

  4. This young man in Broken Arrow, OK should be giving lessons on how to answer the door in 2017. http://m.newson6.com/story.aspx?story=35016222&catId=112042

  5. What kind of drugs were in the safe? They came looking specifically for that.
    Did a fellow officer shoot him? In this town with KCPD on the case we probably will never know.

  6. If it was cold and dark, the suspects might have just drove down a boat ramp into the river and saved the taxpayers a lot of money.

  7. ^^^unless you're a you White female prostitute, then everybody will come looking for you.

  8. KCPD is useless.

  9. This is not new science. I hope that this was not a ricochet. crossfire or friendly fire situation, but I expect the cops already know the only 40S&W were those in the hands of officers and since information related to a freak shooting didn't come out publicly until today I would SPECULATE they realized the officer was shot with a 40S&W round when the bullet removed from the officer victim was examined. Ballistics should easily determine the firearm where the round came from. HOWEVER, everything I am saying is SPECULATIVE and I might be totally full of shit. So lets not go jumping on another Jackyl the Ripper crock of shitola here.

  10. Lots of good questions here. It's clear we're not getting the whole story from the media. Crazy clown is my new hero.

  11. Didn't know that KILLA CITY was a sanctuary City , well well , our shit hole must be expanded all the time ¡! It's only gunna get better for all the violent criminals that the KILLA CITY welcomes and embraces . If you live anywhere in KILLA CITY , openly embrace and financially support all illegal immigrants or you're a RACIST ¡! Byron and out bitches¡!

  12. Hey 7:23 you really have no idea what you're talking about do you? No, you don't. You really are full of shit.


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