Immigration Crackdown Fear Thwarts Today's Kansas City Public Schools Forum???

Amid the current era of divisive discourse and public distrust . . . Asking the undocumented to show-up for weekend classes probably isn't a wise move . . . Still, the KCPS made a bold statement with a public showdown against La Migra and this effort once again demonstrates that they're heart is in the right place when it comes to the reactionary aim to start deporting children. Checkit:

KCPS hosts workshop to teach undocumented students about immigration rights

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City Public Schools has designated its schools as safe havens, so undocumented students and their families can go to school and feel safe. Occupancy in the Whittier Elementary School auditorium is 425 but only a handful of people attended the immigration workshop on Saturday morning.


  1. See what happened in Maryland last week . You want some of these douchebag illegal scumbags to be in school with your kids. ?

  2. ^^^ Excellent point!

  3. When focusing on this sort of nonsense, it's easy to see why KCPS are the train wreck they are. Maybe next week they can do a target shooting symposium or how to score a rap recording contract.

  4. What happened to the "benefits of diversity"? (sniff) (sob)

  5. Another brilliant fucking expenditure of your tax dollars on the libtard politica agenda. If any sane white people ever voted in KC they would kick the school board to the curb.


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