Hallmark Enjoys Artsy Good Life

A peek inside another celebrated Dead Tree Media firm clinging to glory days and the legacy of their corporate dominance. Take a look:

A corporate office in Kansas City, Missouri houses some of the greatest art in the world-from Picasso to Dali

Tucked away in nondescript office building in Kansas City, Missouri is one of the oldest corporate art collections in the US. Around 3,800 works by 1,200 of the world's greatest artists including Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Sol LeWitt belong to the company that brings us glittery Mother's Day cards, Precious Moments ornaments, and picture frames with...


  1. Maybe they could give away a free Picasso with each greeting card purchase. Doesn't make sense, but it makes more sense than what they have been doing.

  2. "Pablo Picasso, he's not an asshole." - Jonathan Richman

    However, this painting looks like some guy just crawled up Old Man Hall's wrinkly old asshole.

  3. Friday, Crayola will announce which color (24 count box) will be retired.


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