Google Gigabit Wireless In The New Hotness

Whilst biz news is griping about the old school cable TV game . . . The subtext of this "news" that we talked about earlier in the week is that Google is now more interested in wireless gigabit service that also will change the online game . . . Meanwhile, better local Internets and cable service than competitors continues around KC. Take a look:

Google Cancels Some Fiber Internet Installations in Kansas City


  1. Skipping along from one over-hyped BIG BIG THING to the next.
    Google fiber!
    Downtown renaissance!
    Cerner campus!
    UMKC arts campus downtown!
    Mike's new hotel!
    All supported by ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money and public debt and none coming even close to all the dreams, promises, and hype.
    Disneyland on the plains.

  2. Google fiber is great. It's really unfortunate it's not also profitable.

  3. Gee! Didn't someone say that by the time Google got around to keeping their fiber promises the technology would become legacy?


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