Google Fiber Refocuses On Kansas City

Recent tech reports really just revealed the demand for the Google bunny all over the city and this update offers more deets on local connectivity competition that should include gigabit wireless. Checkit:

Google Fiber clarifies KC plans after reports of mass cancellations

media reports indicated it canceled "hundreds" of area residents' installations without a specific reason, Google Fiber is now clarifying its Kansas City plans. The tech giant - which began building an expansive gigabit network in Kansas City, Kan. in 2011 - said that while it remains committed to the area, it is tapering its expansion plans for now.


  1. Get the fuck out of here! You've destroyed enough of the city with this stupid experiment!

  2. Wow! That article was real informative.
    They stopping expansion of network to focus on employees?
    WTF does that mean?
    They broke?

    Pray you fools actually get a refund in the next two weeks.

  3. ^^^^^So sorry you don't have Google fiber.

  4. I like my google fiber... better than stupid Time Warner. :P

  5. Headline should read: "Google formulates New Pick Your Own Bullshit Story Game".


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