Golden Ghetto JoCo Hates Catholics???

Credit where it's due . . . Here's the newspaper attempting to make a real estate dispute interesting with help from one of the world's largest religious group playing the victim for their WASP-Y neighbors in the nice part of town . . . Filed under 1st world middle-class problems:

Roman Catholic archdiocese accuses city of Mission Woods of religious discrimination

The archdiocese claims that Mission Woods, a tiny suburb in northeast Johnson County, discriminated against the archdiocese by denying a land-use application by St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Catholic Church to use a house it bought for additional church meeting space.


  1. Good for the archdiocese!

  2. LOL, only in Mission Woods

  3. Next time maybe check to see if a variance is feasible before you buy the house.

  4. If this is a single family house, the archdiocese needs to get the zoning changed, and they knew that going in. A meeting place in a densely populated neighborhood without off street parking is going to be problematic. This is true in a lot of the older suburbs in JoCo. Resident street parking in Roeland Park is beginning to be a problem. Multiply that by several times for a meeting house, and there definitely is a logistical problems.

  5. mission woods is known to be a stickler on everything and kind of prissy.

    they've done similar stuff to other people.

  6. Why can't the parishioners use the church for their meetings and prayer services? I don't blame the neighborhood in the least.

  7. ^^^^^ AMEN^^^^^


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