Global Warming Lifts Kansas City Toy Train Streetcar Stagnant Ridership Numbers

The toy train numbers are mostly imaginary garbage but here's a fun fact that should dispel warm weather celebration . . .

- February still garnered the SECOND LOWEST monthly ridership numbers for the streetcar since in started in May.

- Another rigged vote is on the way in Midtown wherein "mail-in" secret ballots are being used to keep away as many voters as possible from the election.

- And then . . . The TDD will require another vote to raise sales taxes in the district.

- Best of all . . . Toy Train Streetcar Part Deux requires $100 MILLION of Federal funding from Prez Trump.

Still . . .

There's no doubt that March Madness will give the toy train a bump and take sports fan to all of the great destinations inside Union Station . . .???

Meanwhile, we'll wait and see if the novelty of the toy train streetcar has worn off after a year of fading ridership.

Developing . . .


  1. Fake Democracy KCMO style

  2. Super dave said it sucked, so you know it sucks, end of story

  3. Seems a little strange that all the people who voted for the downtown mess get to vote again on the extension doesn't it?

  4. I'd see a psychologist about your stupid streetcar obsession.

    It's staying, after all.

  5. Louie Wright3/3/17, 6:44 AM

    Yeah, keep waiting Tony, see you at the streetcar expansion groundbreaking...

  6. While the free streetcar was empty, thousands of working people took the Max bus along the same route. So why do we need a streetcar?


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