Free Kansas City Street Trees Will Ruin Homeowner Sidewalks For Years!!!

Here's info on how to help the environment and endanger the values of your home. Take a look:

Trees for KCMO - Bridging the Gap

In partnership with KC Parks and Recreation Department, Heartland Tree Alliance volunteers are planting FREE trees in your neighborhood! Trees will be planted along the street right-of-way, which is typically 10-15 feet from the street. There is no cost to you - except for water!


  1. Making sidewalks impassable, one neighborhood at a time. So let's pass the GO Bond and then plant trees that grow up and out to block and eventually lift up the sidewalks. And then, we'll pass a new GO Bond and start over.

  2. No trees in the right-of-way, please. If they survive cars and vandals, they buckle the sidewalks (if there are any), and narrow the passage for people walking (if people still walk). What would be nice is to stop developers from mowing down existing trees to create another unnecessary development.

  3. No trees in the ROW, unless there's at least 15' between the back of curb and edge of sidewalk. The only people who still think this is a good idea are the New Urbanist planners who think it makes such a nice picture. Utility companies, traffic engineers, and homeowners know what a bad idea these are.

  4. Tell sly James to sponsor a heard of goats and start eating up all the scrub brush before they star calling them deciduous trees.


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