Fear Kansas City Food Fight

An important missive amid the construction of a controversial grocery store that's already losing money . . . And because nobody questions the logic of a City Hall plan that started as political payback. Read more:

Kansas City's Food Desert Insanity

Kansas City has started to demolish the vacant grocery store at Linwood Blvd. and Prospect Ave. and will subsidize the construction and operation of a Sun Fresh grocery store at the same location to address what urban fabulists have dubbed a "food desert." We've written about this issue here and here.


  1. I visualize a large hole with money flowing down into it.

  2. THERE IS a reason the last store went belly up those little picanennys steals them blind.

  3. The success of this is already evident. Just look at the Sunfresh that just closed at the Swope campus. Grand opening...Grand closing.

  4. Another great transactional temporary success.
    The politicos get to be in photos with their hard hats and shovels.
    The "developer", his family and friends, the usual grifters, and assorted hangers-on get a few million dollars to play with.
    The "business" has a grand opening and gradually spirals down to its inevitable closing in about 18 months.
    A big ugly NEW abandoned building sits where the big ugly old abandoned building once stood.
    And the taxpayers get to pick up the tab.
    For the same kind of business that failed before.
    That's called success in KCMO government.
    You really can't make this stuff up.


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