Fear Johnson County TrumpCare Testimony

Important local words about new government healthcare coverage or lack thereof . . . Take a look: Overland Park Millennial With Parkinson's Worries About The Costs Of GOP Health Plan


  1. Have you seen the videos of how Marijuana pills greatly improve Parkinsons? Start smoking weed man.

  2. I am tired of supporting you man. STFU and die. We have to repeal it- consequences be damned. Do it Donnie do it! All these Rhino's better get in line and vote for this repeal. Fuck that guy..he voted for Obama anyway. The guy is a damn libtard!! All you broke-ass people better get with the program. We are throwing your asses out Repeal! Repeal! Repeal!

  3. All the article said was, maybe,could,don't know, might and of course he will go on Medicare and should be wise and do his research. Fake News.


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