Fear Golden Ghetto Triple Crime Spree

Realization that the good life is getting harder to attain as crime moves to the "inner-suburbs" and seems to be on the rise. Here's today's report: 3 robberies in Overland Park linked, police say


  1. OPPD is a "PC" police Department. They are reactive not proactive, the criminals walk all over Overland Park with no fear whatsoever. They know they won't be stopped for being black, having a shitty car with Missouri tags.

    1. That's true. Very different from the suburbs close to State Line who know what to look for.

  2. They are afraid of being called racist. 20 years ago niggers didn't cross State line. Fact ! Any Brookside or Old Leawood bitches want to argue that? Haywards and his awesome bbq at 95th and Antioch started the flight then when Rodney Peete showed up it was over. Overland Park has never been the same... Anybody have the balls to argue that?
    Haywards boys used to trade us Catfish we caught in Daddys pond for Slabs out the back door at the "then" new place.

  3. ^^^Nobody wants to argue with you because your dumb as shit and lack the mental capacity to make a coherent thought. Your also fundamentally racist and judging from the time of your post, a raging alcoholic. Go sleep it off in the gutter. You have a long day of standing on the corner yelling at passersby tomorrow.

  4. I'm stone sober and I can vouch that he's right about coons not coming across State Line 20 years ago.


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