Fear Alleged Kansas City Snail Mail Crooks

This couple is accused of old school, low-rent crime that offers just a bit of insight into desperation on local streets and constant threats to local residents. Checkit:

Two charged with mail theft in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Two Kansas City residents have been charged with large scale mail theft. Roxanne Portwood and John Hughes were charged after admitting they were part of an organized group stealing mail from residential and large collection boxes. The group would then use the stolen mail to commit fraud and identity theft.


  1. It looks like he also stole her eyebrows.

  2. Damn, she looks a little syndrome-y, like something didn't quite go as planned on a genetic level.

  3. Too damn bad the Postal Inspectors don't investigate their own USPS operations. If they thing these dirt bags are thieves they ought to see the shit that goes on inside the postal operations.


  4. STAMP their worthless Asses and Ship these 2 Degenerates right out of the country Via, Air Mail and Deliver these Scumbags right out of the Aircraft from 20,000 feet, without a parachute, over North Korea !!

    Incoming - Incoming Airmail !!

    You've got Mail ~ !!!!!


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