Fair Play: Did Kansas City Question 3 Doggie Lovers 'Raise The Woof' Today???

Yesterday we broke news of the local doggie rally to support Question 3. We liked their graphics and new website.

In fairness, here's a quote from the opposition that offers their perspective:

"Guys and Gals, Here are the photos from the Pet Shelter Rally on the Plaza today. The photographer took the one on the left around 1:50 pm. The crowd was thin and about 30 % were media (note all the cameras). The one on the right was taken at 2:45 pm.. He noted lots of Johnson County car tags?"

You decide . . .


  1. A Miniature Pinscher rally trying to spin an Irish Wolfhound dream.

  2. 14 mil. I don't think so. Vote no.

  3. ^^^^Sorry no, myself and everyone of my friends and family are voting yes. Vote yes.

  4. It's going to pass. There's too much money for it and no organized opposition agaonst. All we get from the city and from the media is a sales pitch. Just like the snake oil hucksters. Lots of people bought the snake oil and so will local voters.

  5. Johnson County license plates on the plaza? No way!

    You've got a crack team of insiders.

  6. It was a pleasant peaceful gathering.

    Unlike that same area on Saturday night.

  7. I'd rather see my tax dollars support pets in need than human riffraff any day of the week. The only reservation here is that Sly Shady and his cronies will redirect these funds to something besides the shelter.

  8. Lol...Cars with JO tags were close by!!!!

  9. As one who actually was there, I can attest that it was 100+ people, 50+ dogs,

    Good doggy treats and goo human cookies. Hope I got that right.

    FYI? This Bond money CANNOT go to any possible future hotel.


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