Enjoy Kansas City Anti-Violence Theater

The Kansas City murder spike continues despite a public discourse that's mostly focused on development. Meanwhile advocates against the local spate of killing seem to be growing more frustrated with the public's dismissal of this horrific body count. A glimpse of a bit of local art and a publicity stunt on the topic:

Empty casket displayed at Linwood & Troost as part of anti-violence efforts

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Community activists and church leaders used a unique prop Saturday with the hopes of leaving a powerful message with those who drove by Troost and Linwood. It wasn't a funeral or a burial, but volunteers rolled out an empty casket near the busy intersection.


  1. Boy that will sure help.
    Thrown in a couple of candle light vigils for good measure.

  2. ^^^ Agree.

    This "demonstration" seems very childish and ineffective.

  3. It'll be filled by tomorrow morning

  4. Roll out a piano. Some John Lennon-wannabe will sing "Imagine".

  5. You better chain it down, somebody will steal it!

  6. Lets stick Byron in it and shove him in the river.

    1. No let's shove you and your mother in it. You because your a worthless piece of shit whom no one would miss, and your mother for not having you aborted like she wanted.

  7. Stop the violence needs a casket hot rod like in the Munsters TV show and pull it out with the DARE car. Then we can remind young people they will never be able to afford a car or a casket.

  8. Put the Plaza in it; it's dead.

  9. I saw this on the news last night. It was eight people standing in a prayer circle that won't accomplish anything. The requisite black "minister" was of course interviewed wearing his ugly fedora from Harold Penners and ugly, gaudy gold watch on his wrist. He said the usual bullshit and then probably got in his Cadillac to go fuck one of his obese black parishioners.

  10. Has KCPD made any arrests in the stolen casket case?


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