As they circle the toilet bowl of history and start selling off their assets to stay afloat, we notice that The Star hasn't changed as much as they claim under new management.

In fact, once again they're pushing one levy after the next on a tax weary voting public.

Take a look:

Kansas City Star - Editorial: Vote ‘yes’ on bond isssue for a better Kansas City

What's most disgusting about this editorial is the fake news reporting of the "$800 million bond package" -- There are actually 3 different questions and the only one that has grassroots support is Question 3. In framing their editorial this way, the newspaper is actually endorsing the campaign strategy of City Hall and not the ballot efforts on their own merits.

Kansas City Star: Editorial: Vote ‘yes’ on East Side sales tax for urban renewal

Even worse, there has been a dearth of reporting on The Central City Economic Development Sales Tax and the issue deserves consideration. Rather than explain, interview and report . . . Most of the newspaper coverage has been driven by editorial leaving the topic basically up to political inclinations rather than a fact based discussion . . . Honestly, there has been more info on these proposals in TKC comments than any other news source.

And so another vote is on the way with the newspaper pretty much accepting City Hall talking points rather than offering any critical analysis or insight that they pride themselves upon delivering to locals.

You decide . . .


  1. Sooner or later, KC star will want another tax break just to fund their operation. They've already got one on their building to help them keep the lights on.

  2. Get out and vote NO.

  3. 4:36 +1! The KC Star has the Polsinelli Law firm fight for an extension of the TIF for the $200 million, money losing Print Building so they can keep their taxes low, yet when it comes to us proletariat's they are all gung ho on government sponsored fleecing.

  4. Bucks for boongies.

    America is so fucked.

  5. All of the Star's stories these days are spin and nothing but spin. That's the case whether the story is syndicated from the NYT or WaPo, or written by a staff reporter. "Editorializing," i.e. inserting the writer's opinion into a news story, used to be verboten. Now, it's apparently required, because every news story is mostly opinion. Problem is, journalists are not logical thinkers and many are dumb as tree stumps, so their opinions are worthless.

  6. Thanks for being the truth teller, TKC. The Star never saw a proposed tax increase they didn't automatically like.

  7. The newspaper is actually endorsing the campaign strategy of City Hall and not the ballot efforts on their own merits.

    Aren't you doing the same thing? They studied the issue. You rejected it the second you heard about it.

    Enjoy your loss.

  8. Polls show the vote a solid No.
    Too bad we can't have city-wide voting on Tiff with regards to the star... that would be a solid No. It would go under and FaceBook already has the most reporting outside of TKC. Unless you like coupons, have birds or need fish wrap- it's a horrible price to pay... for news when you can get quality reporting free on the internet.
    Want to know the real value of reporters? Look at the ex-writers who blog...Hiw much do you think they make?

  9. It would be great to have an actual newspaper in this town. Not likely to happen though.


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