Dead Tree Media Kansas City Star Devotes Dwindling Resources To Hate Crime Reporting

Amid an uptick in political corruption, increasingly divisive politics and a challenging local economy . . . The newspaper focuses on delivering on coverage of criminal acts that are universally derided but often employed to support a political agenda. Take a look at this odd strategy and tell us if it's effective:

Help The Star and ProPublica document hate crimes in Missouri and Kansas

Documenting Hate will gather data from a variety of sources - law enforcement, nonprofit groups, news reports, social media and directly from victims and witnesses - and disseminate that data to local news partners across the country with the goal of creating the most authoritative national database of hate incidents.


  1. When a star falls what is left? Hmmm, something to think about.

  2. journalism used to be about truth or at least that was the stated objective.

    now it's about orwellian propaganda.

    it'll all be over soon enough for the legacy media.

  3. Wow they can start with this website

  4. Wow ^^^ You're a moron. Let's start with you. Cuck hate is not a crime.

  5. ^^ signed, Melissa Click ^^

  6. Focusing oh hate crimes is like trying to eliminate bad breath when twice as many people have tuberculosis. Hate crimes are such a small part of criminality as to be almost statistically insignificant. We have so much more to do to alleviate violent crime than to focus on hate crimes.

  7. Well, that's mighty white of you. I bet you've never been a victim of a hate crime. Easy to tell others what to feel. Nice Spock Logic. Well played.

  8. ^ I watched an office mate get a promotion strictly because he was black - does that count in your Homie Logic as a hate crime?


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