Dave Helling Desperately Attempts To Keep Fading Kansas City Newspaper Relevant

A bit of double talk from our favorite journalistic dinosaur and the last newsie of his generation in Kansas City paid to make somewhat interesting local political arguments. Take a look:

Dave Helling: It's OK to vote against more tax increases on April 4 ballot

The Star's Editorial Board and most of official Kansas City have endorsed the so-called GO bond proposal on the ballot next week. The plan calls for raising property taxes gradually over the next 20 years, to an average of about $100 more annually for a typical homeowner, then leaving them more or less at that level for another 20 years.


  1. RE: "The Star’s Editorial Board and most of official Kansas City have endorsed the so-called GO bond proposal on the ballot..."

    Please note that Dave Helling is the editorial board, or at least 1 of the 7 political Democrats who now comprise it's staff.

    So, what is the reader to make of this Helling piece? Did he cast a "No" vote as an editorial board member, but was overruled by the majority? Too bad we don't know! The Star editorial board operates anonymously, putting forth their usual crazy nonsense under the blind moniker "The Star editorial board." Wow! Even the Supreme Court tells the public what the vote was, identifying all Yea's and Nay's.

    If we're to take him at his word, Helling at least has some residual IQ function, allowing him to see the gross malfeasance which is KCMO fiscal policy. The answer is ALWAYS another tax, and higher taxes. The City Manager who is supposed to be the prudent adult in the room, carefully managing the city's checkbook, has been bought off with salary increases and contract extensions. If the $800M bond issues are passed, Schulte will slink into retirement without being held responsible for the mess he's enabled.

  2. It is good that Helling is standing up but I notice that his column is buried on the Web page and doesn't have any reaction except on this blog.

  3. Who reads columns anymore? It's all just tweets.

  4. if the newspaper were to make more editorials both pro and con, it would be more linformative.

    and more informative partially because people might read them!

  5. Thank goodness Helling gave us permission to vote no. I was so worried that he would be miffed when I do just that.

  6. At least Helling thinks and checks the record. I also think that VOTING NO NO NO is OK.

  7. Chicago Jones3/29/17, 10:48 PM

    I subscribed to the Star for >20 years. It got sparser and smaller with every merger. Don't remember it ever opposing a tax. So glad I moved to KS. So enjoying my daily Chicago Tribune. Like Mr. Helling. Hate the trashy hillbilly Star. Like Kansas City, a 4th rate Baptist puke bucket.


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