Craig Talks The KC Comedy Weekend

Quick bit of PROMO for our pal Craig . . .

Celebrity Impressionist Steve Kramer At Stanfords This Weekend

Steve Kramer's show is electric to say the least. He not only does over 100 celebrity impressions but 'sings' as everyone from 'Lady Gaga' to 'Mettalica' and of course his animated clips of shows he does like 'The Apprentice' are on the screen as well. Some stars of note include Matthew Macconaughy to local stars like Royals main man Denny Mathews. He will bring you to your feet with laughter and fun.
Kramer started his stand up career at Stanfords in Westport back in the late 90's. We were so proud of Steve when he was selected to be the lead on a new show 'Hype' on Warner Brothers network. Kramer matched voice impressions and skits with his co star, Frank Caliendo. Later Kramer joined 'Chicken' Michael Roof on 'Raising The Roofs' and today tours nationally and internationally with Pablo Francisco. Steve will be at the club, now located at the Legends, Village West Fri/Sat and Sunday with shows at 745/945 on Friday and Saturday and 7pm on Sunday. For tickets call the club at 913 400 7500 or go online to

Next week its hot young star Tony Henchcliffe. Tony started making a name for himself with Joe Rogan, then got his own top rated show, 'One Shot'. Henchcliffe has become roaster guy on Comedy Central's specials, including Justin Bieber, James Franco and Snoop.

So if you want to get your St. Pats fun on without the madness of Westport, come see Steve tonight. Have a great weekend.


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