Fair play to even out our coverage along with expert analysis of the embattled KU basketball and their chances this season from our pal Craig. Take a peek:

Craig Glazer: Is This A Championship Year For Kansas And Bill Self???

Power rankings and Vegas have Kansas as the number one team left in the NCAA MARCH MADNESS TOURNAMENT. Unlike past seasons when KU has been a ONE seed, there has been far less talk about them being 'the team to beat.' Why? Kansas was an 8 to 1 bet to win it all just before the tournament began a week or so ago. Now they are 3-1 big jump. KU scored over 100 points against UCDavis and beat Michigan State by 20, 90-70. Now they face Purdue Thursday night in Kansas City at Sprint in front of their hometown fans.

Kansas has at least 3 NBA future players, Josh Jackson, Devonte Graham and Frank Mason. Maybe more. However with 7 number one seeds and 3 two seeds and one 3 seed in the last 11 season with Self, only two final fours. Yes KU won it all in 2008, but with their rankings many observers feel they have been under achievers in the post season. Without the 2008 national championship many would refer to Self as a 'Marty Schottenheimer' type of coach...great regular seasons but not great in the post seasons. I don't agree. When you look at coaches who have been in the mix who still coach today outside Duke, nobody has more than 2 titles. It's a real crapshoot. Often the best team doesn't win it all. You have to win six in a row against some really tough teams.

Now that KU has solved the poor free throw shooting with over 80 percent hitting in the tournament and their defense has been outstanding led by all the guards and Landon Lucas along with bench guy, Dwight Colby, KU is on the right path this year. This team is fast, fearless and confident. I believe its Self's best squad, but they need to at least go to the final four to prove it and win it all to lock up that 'best coach' ever for KC area on Bill Self. Lets face it Kansas Basketball is this cities best sports franchise to date. The Royals got back in the mix with the two world series in 2014/15 but before that 30 years of yuke. The Chiefs are now a playoff team again, but nothing more, so its all about Kansas Basketball again. Hey its great for Kansas City to have the NCAA sweet sixteen and elite eight here. Now if Kansas can just keep playing the way they they have, four.


  1. James Naismith of Leawood3/22/17, 7:20 PM

    Some of the trouble KU has endured this year might actually be saving them from choking this time around. They have something to prove and this makes them much more dangerous. Off the court and on.

  2. Nice post Craig, KU is Kansas City's basketball team.

  3. Yes I agree nice paste and copy from Kansas City's own convicted con man.

  4. ^^^ Wildman, you jealous. bloging takes work and you'd rather wash cars for a living. That's hard work too. We feel for you.

  5. Glazer, as always great post and good read, agree with you...especially bout Bill Self he is the area's best all time coach.

  6. Doubt it, KU has bad Kharma this year...

  7. 9:23- Whitey Herzog will always be the area's best coach.

    You read it here first: KU will lose tomorrow night.

    Reason? Karma.

  8. You need to find better pals Tony.

  9. The team could use a good coke dealer.

  10. ^^^ Ouch. Sad but probably true given their police blotter record. That guy would probably make big bank because some of them are still going to the NBA.


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