Clay Chastain Seyz His Citywide Streetcar Plan Trumps Mayor Sly Leadership

The latest election update from the only transit activist to win a citywide vote in the modern era . . .

Press Release: Outsider Chastain must lead from Bedford, Virginia because James can't lead from City Hall.

If you want to reward incompetence and paralyze Kansas City's future you will vote for the city's dishonestly promoted (See Steve Glorioso), dumbly designed (See James and Schulte) inefficient $800 million, 40-year bond issue.

When a struggling city's taxes are already sky high, and in danger of running off the residents and businesses that are left, the last thing KC leaders should be proposing is another tax increase that does not yield multiple dividends- just a dollar of infrastructure improvement for every dollar spent. Rather, we need an innovative infrastructure improvement plan that will yield multiple dividends for every dollar invested. In other words, be smart in investing the city's last remaining capital.

Such a smart plan is coming to KC voters in August courtesy of 2,500 citizens who signed a petition in support of transforming the city's pathetic transit system and limited downtown streetcar line into a modern rapid citywide rail-based transit system.

Not only will this innovative petition initiative vastly improve public transportation infrastructure in Kansas City, stimulate widespread economic development across the city and secure federal matching funds to help build it, it will also provide the city a major new green selling point to attract back to the city new residents, businesses, tourists and conventions. That is what I mean by multiple dividends! More dividends means more city revenue to apply to the city's other woeful infrastructure needs.

Case in point: Denver's mayor said his city's rapid citywide rail system has returned $4 for every $1 invested. Denver has boomed in population and jobs around its stellar rail system while Kansas City has stagnated in population and jobs around its pathetic bus system.

A super smart plan that will yield Kansas City multiple dividends is maximum value for the tax dollar spent.

Kansas City needs quality leaders with quality plans.

In April, Vote No on James' visionless, one-trick pony $800 million, 40-year bond issue.

In August Vote Yes on Chastain's visionary, multiple dividend $1.2 billion, 25-year public transportation infrastructure petition initiative.

Clay Chastain...leader of the petition initiative to modernize Kansas City's public transportation infrastructure.


  1. Clay The Ripper

  2. Sly, Troy, and Steve G.... as Jimmy would say, are getting pretty good at keeping the "matrix of racketeering that systematically drains everyone’s financial mojo while adding humiliation to the shoddy service it delivers" here in KCMO

  3. Good post. Shows an incredible amount of effort went into it.

  4. Clay Clay Go Away come back some other day. Yes Clay go away we can't play with clay in clay no way.

  5. Why is it that people such as Clay never drive off the end of boat ramps?

  6. Clays wife got attacked by a pack of blacks a while back.

    Remember when ward parkway was white

    Nigs on the plaza lol

    Winsteads sucks nowadays


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