Check The Kansas City Northland Council Dude Dan Fowler Conundrum

Our blog community is detail orientated, exacting and keeping track of this Council and election season coming sooner than anybody expects.


Here's Council Dude Fowler welcoming big biz . . .

An unfortunate sign of confusion . . .

From the best and brightest of our blog community . . .

Wholesale Geography Screw-up

"I'm not sure who should be more embarrassed - a sloppy screw-up by a company that prides itself on being better and smarter than their competition or Councilman Fowler who apparently forgot to tell Costco which city was bending over."

Only locals who know their way around can spot the discrepancy.

You decide . . .


  1. Don't know if I blame Dan for this one.

    Obviously CostCo needs to get its act together.

  2. Please someone explain to Costco there is a difference between North Kansas City and Kansas City North. In the case of CostCo's location it's about 7 miles.

  3. Someone also ask why if in Fowler's announcement it was to open in November 2016, it's now opening May 2017.

  4. The picture of that girl is more like it. Quit posting pictures of hogs.

  5. o k 1:57 if your damm smart explain the diffrence between north kansas city and kansas city north.

  6. Too easy.

    Stay south big government types and keep your weekend parties to yourself.

  7. North Kansas City = full of spics

    Kansas City, North = good solid whites

    know the difference

  8. Fowler is a dipshit, so this seems to represent him perfectly.

  9. ^^^ Finally, some reality @ 9:21

  10. I like Dan. He is better than most of the creeps on the Clowncil.


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