Old school corporate "journalists" have targeted an effort that has a great deal of support and provided very little coverage of the many local activists who struggled to get the effort on the ballot. For balance, we'd like to share this far more supportive take:

Kansas City Voters to Weigh in on Decriminalization Measure - Yes on 5

After more than a year of negotiations with city officials, and countless hours cultivating support for a ballot measure aimed at decriminalizing certain amounts of marijuana, members of Kansas City NORML will finally have a chance to hear from voters on the issue. Next Tuesday, April 4, 2017, Kansas City voters will weigh in on Question 5.


  1. I was gonna go out to vote, but then I got high...

  2. please read the psychiatric treatises.

  3. Ah, color you clueless. The ballot provision doesn't decriminalize a pot conviction, it reduces the fine. You still have the offense on your record. And if you go buy a gun, you have to answer "yes" on Question 11(e)on the Federal Form and you will be denied.

  4. I think marijuana should be legal, in theory. In reality, I have seen what has happened to Denver and Portland after CO and OR legalized the stuff. Their homeless populations increased dramatically. I would vote NO on 5.

  5. I could support decriminalization of pot, but I can not support some silly symbolic city ordinance that, at best, will make KC a sanctuary city for drugs. Pot heads will still have to hide their habits just as much as they do now so long as stale and Federal laws remain. These advocates totally lack credibility by not fully informing potential voters that, even with the ordinance, many pot smokers will be at higher risk because they actually believe their activities don't carry much of a penalty. That Utopia will not exist. When AG Sessions or some county prosecutor decides someone is going to be made into an example some naive bubble-head is going to land in prisoner without a clue what happened. Neither County Sheriffs, Federal Agents, County prosecutors and agencies outside the city limits are obligated to comply with some silly assed boss hog style Kansas City ordinance. Do it right or have the balls to admit this dog and pony show is little more than a bad joke.

  6. Waste of time.
    Our new Attorney General has weed in his gunsights.
    Pot party will soon be over.


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