Celebrate More KCMO GO Bond Promises

Newsies are too timid to suggest otherwise and sadly forced to take dictation from a political class who have broken most of their promises while in office. Take a look at more transcription from the public radio station:

Kansas City's $800 Million Bond Proposal Would Chip Away At Infrastructure Backlog

The intersection of Hillcrest Road and Oldham in Swope Park needs work. The narrow bridge here has been considered structurally deficient since 2014. And at night, especially when it rains, the sharp turns can be dangerous. Two fatal crashes happened here in just the last few months.


  1. Hey, hey.....get your GO bonds right here.......something for everyone......we got jobs, sidewalks, spirit stuff, allergy relief, free shit..............won't cost hardly anything.....get your GO bonds before they're all gone.


  2. Swope Park???? Are You Serious??? Looks like he is playing to his political base issue, kinda like the 18th and vine waste.

    Shouldn't he work on high traffic areas first, like main commuter routes????


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