Celebrate KCMO City Bitty Farm

Here's a really nice green local link that should make locals feel better after all the garbage they consumed for lunch. Take a look:

City Bitty Farm Has Big Plans for Microgreens

Greg Garbos of City Bitty Farm walks among tiny crops that will be harvested soon in the midst of winter in southeast Kansas City, Missouri. Standing approximately one to two inches tall, arugula, sugar pea, mizuna, red cabbage, red stem radish, mustard, celery, and cilantro are just a few of the microgreens grown and harvested twice weekly in the farm's custom-built greenhouse.


  1. Will they grow weed when the ordinance passes???


  2. Yes they will grow weed, and when all of the liberals get loaded and stand around with their mouths open we can beat the shit out of them.


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